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A Recipe for Success!

6 Feb

A lot of people tell me they would cook more often if cooking was “easier” or “faster.” I have a revelation for you: Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious. The meals I cook the most often don’t come from a recipe, or involve a bajillion steps. Most of the food I cook has three simple elements:

1. Fatty lubrication (aka olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, or butter).

2. Something oniony (aka an onion, some garlic, or a leek).

3. Salt and pepper.

No joke, ya’ll. That’s it. Cook your fave veggies in the above elements and I promise it’ll be delicious. Wanna get adventurous? Cook some sort of grain like quinoa or rice (or couscous! or pasta!) and put your delicious veggie concoction on top! Add your favorite protein source (like veggie sausage or beans) to give it some extra oomph.

The type of fat you use will really dictate the taste of the dish- I usually use olive oil because I LOVE the taste, but try experimenting with butter (for a more French taste!) or a little sesame oil (for a more Asian feel). Salt and pepper are my favorite spices, but I suggest adding salt to taste AFTER you finish cooking a dish to avoid over-salting. The onion-y thing you add depends on your personal tastes- I like using red onion for their color and flavor, but I use leeks in place of onions when they’re in season. I also tend to double the amount of garlic any recipe calls for. Cuz let’s get real: garlic is bomb. Just remember that garlic cooks faster then onion- so add it towards the end of the pan-cooking process to avoid burning it.

If you want to saute things like potatoes or carrots instead of oven-roasting them, I’d recommend parboiling them (bringing water to a boil, then putting the veggies in the boiling water for a few minutes before draining them in a colander) before cooking them in the pan- it really speeds up the cooking process!

Don’t believe my magical recipe for success? Try one of the combos below, and tell me it doesn’t work.

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Blackstrap Molasses Gingerbread for a BLACK METAL XMAS

17 Dec

Ok, so I know I’ve been an awful blogger. But hear me out: I had this insane surgery on my wrist last month, so I’ve been down-for-the-count. Which not only means I have to type one-handed, but also means I can’t cook. Like at all. I’ve been depending heavily on the food deliveries and kitchen skills of my amazing friends to keep me fed (read more about it on my latest Original Plumbing entry).

101 Cookbooks posted this AMAZING looking recipe for Black Sticky Gingerbread, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to bake so badly it hurt. So I enlisted an unsuspecting friend to help me with one-handed baking, and the result was EPIC. Seriously, guys. EPIC.

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13 Oct

My birthday was on October 2nd, and in honor of the occasion, I’m dedicating this post to CAKE.

Gorgeous cake from Susie’s Cakes ( gifted to me by my friend Bex.

To balance out all this talk of cake, you can visit my latest guest post up at Original Plumbing- “Tomato: Little Ball of Orange Joy.

For my birthday, I received a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from my family. This is like the ultimate kitchen appliance. It weight about 10,000 pounds (believe me, I had to haul it home on the bus), and will mix anything you put in it thoroughly and in about 2 seconds flat. It also has a bajillion attachments that can turn it into an ice cream maker, pasta maker, or grain mill. Yeah. It’s that cool. And of course I got it in pink.

Around this time of year, we start getting apples and pears in our CSA box. I’ve made the NY Times’ Upside Down Maple Pear Cake before, and wanted to make it again with my fancy new miracle machine. I tweaked the recipe a bit, though, when through happy experimentation I learned that a little bit of blackstrap molasses turns this cake into a dramatic looking (and tasting!) baked good.

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Raspberry Apple Pie(rates)

29 Aug

I know, I know. It’s been forever since I last posted. But my excuse is valid: I was on a 2.5 week vacation on the Pacific North West. Without a computer. And I ate some seriously yummy food: Voodoo Doughnuts (the apple fritter stuffed with marionberry jam was my fave) and Produce Row (where I had some KICK ASS pozole) in Portland, and Ristorante Picolino’s (sweet potato gnocchi!) in Seattle.

Not to mention the fact that I cooked two pretty awesome dishes while on vacation. And I’m going to be sharing BOTH with you. Today, it’s RASPBERRY APPLE PIES!

My younger nephew turned 8 on the 19th of August. My sister-in-law called me a few days before I took the train up to Seattle and said “Dylan wants pies for his birthday. Can you make them?” and of course I said yes! It was then that my sister-in-law decided to deliver the most groan inducing joke ever: “Hey! Pies for his pirate themed birthday party! PIERATES.” I’ll never forgive her.

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Summer Pizza!

21 Jul

I know it’s been a hot second since my last post, but I was saving it up for when my guest post went live over at the Sex Pos Photo Project. I talk about my changing relationship with food, and there are some super silly photos of me eating. Check it out! My guest blog is safe for work, but the ads on the site, and some of the other entries, may not be safe for where you work. Thanks to Shilo for taking such rad photos, and for asking me to guest blog!

Entering and Open and Honest Relationship with Food

I’m featuring Shilo’s fab photos on this entry, too! So get ready for some sexy photos of my delicious Summer Pizza taken by the talented Shilo McCabe!

I’m a feeder. I get a lot of pleasure from feeding my friends, family and lovers. I’m 90% more likely to cook a big, delicious, healthy meal if I’m cooking it FOR some one instead of just for myself. And that’s how this pizza came to be. My sweetheart was coming over, and I wanted to cook something delicious for us to enjoy together. And I had a shit ton of veggies from the CSA box that needed cooking.

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7 Jul

The other day as I was wandering around aimlessly in the kitchen supplies section of Rainbow Grocery, I stumbled across the coolest random purchase ever: reusable popsicle molds.

Needless to say, I bought them. And realized that they were potentially the answer to my problem of eating all the ice cream in the world when I get too hot. You see, I live in one of the warmest neighborhoods in San Francisco (which really isn’t saying that much, since “hot” for San Francisco is like 70 degrees), and I also live in a neighborhood where I happen to be right next to both St Francis Soda Fountain and Humphry Slocombe, two of the most delicious ice cream options in the city.

So as soon as I get even the slightest bit uncomfortably warm I tend to say “OH I NEED TO GET SOME ICE CREAM.”

But now I have another option! POPSICLES! And whats even better is that the first step to make these popsicles is to make a SMOOTHIE! It’s a twofer!

To prove how amazing these popsicles are, I took some sexy pictures of people eating them. So make sure to scroll to the bottom for some food porn (safe work work, I swear).

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Sweet Potato Pancakes!

27 Jun

This weekend (as I’m sure most of you know) was Pride weekend here in San Francisco. Of course, us homos are gay all the time. But Pride weekend is when we’re EXTRA GAY. This additional output of gayness can be exhausting, so I am spending my day-after-Pride-weekend in bed updating CHUBB Gourmet with my new favorite brunch recipe: SWEET POTATO PANCAKES!

Friday of Pride Weekend is TransMarch day. It’s my favorite day of Pride because it’s a very community oriented, intentional day in the gorgeous Dolores Park. What better way to start my favorite day of Pride then by cooking brunch for two and a half of my favorite queers (who also happen to be my fabulous neighbors)? Max, Zohar and Micah all came over for a pre-TransMarch brunch and I was excited to cook Sweet Potato Pancakes for them- a recipe I had tried a few weeks earlier and couldn’t stop thinking about. Seriously, these pancakes are EPIC. I’m a little sad that Micah didn’t even try the pancakes, but I suppose I’ll forgive him since he’s only 5 months old and can’t eat solid food yet.

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