These are the sites, organizations and businesses that you should frequent and love as much as I do!

Terra Firma Farm– This is where I get my CSA box. They’re great if you live in the Bay Area and have lots of conveniently placed pick up spots around San Francisco. I pretty much think that CSA boxes are the coolest things ever. Support local organic farms while getting DELICIOUS produce for only $14-32 a week (depending on the size box you get). FUCKING SWEET DEAL. And it gets you major crunchy liberal points.

Smitten Kitchen– I love this site- delicious recipes with fabulously hilarious text.

101 Cookbooks– A Bay Area blogger who posts some kick ass recipes. And she’s a great photographer! I’ve never made a bad meal from her recipes. They always turn out epic.

Post Punk Kitchen– All vegan recipes. The first site I referenced when I began cooking more seriously a few years back. The woman who runs PPK is the author of such awesome vegan cook books as “The Veganomicon.”

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative– This is where I buy 90% of my groceries. It’s a co-op, which automatically makes it awesome. And it has the sexiest bulk section EVER.


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