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Welcome to CHUBB Gourmet! And Cherry Cornmeal Scones.

21 Jun

I am fat, and I love to cook. But I’m fat, so society will say that OF COURSE I love to cook and eat. Well, fuck them.

I cook to center myself, to try something new, to feed my friends, and to nourish myself and my community. Eating and cooking have always been linked to celebration and creativity in my mind. My mom and brother always gave me jobs in the kitchen, and I have many memories of my mom creating amazing meals for big dinner parties.

I’ve created CHUBB Gourmet as a place to share the recipes I’ve tried. This will be a place I celebrate food and nourishing myself in a way that is healthy for me. This will NOT be a blog about dieting or weightloss. Although I may post recipes that are low in fat, carbs or calories, they will NOT be labeled as such. And I’ll probably post some recipes that are very high in fat, carbs and calories. But I will not tell you.

What I WILL tell you is what I know about the ingredients I use, why I choose to make what I make, and what awesome characteristics the ingredients have. This might mean I go on and on about how awesome the produce from my CSA box is. Or how freaking delicious steel cut oats are. Or that quinoa is super badass because it’s a complete protein. Or that I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES AND AM IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT RECIPE.

And to begin, I will tell you all about the super delicious scones I made this afternoon. Despite the fact that it was probably like 1,000 degrees outside and my kitchen was already really really hot. I still decided it was a good idea to turn up my oven to 425 degrees and make some motherfucking Cherry Cornmeal Scones.

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