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Sweet Potato Pancakes!

27 Jun

This weekend (as I’m sure most of you know) was Pride weekend here in San Francisco. Of course, us homos are gay all the time. But Pride weekend is when we’re EXTRA GAY. This additional output of gayness can be exhausting, so I am spending my day-after-Pride-weekend in bed updating CHUBB Gourmet with my new favorite brunch recipe: SWEET POTATO PANCAKES!

Friday of Pride Weekend is TransMarch day. It’s my favorite day of Pride because it’s a very community oriented, intentional day in the gorgeous Dolores Park. What better way to start my favorite day of Pride then by cooking brunch for two and a half of my favorite queers (who also happen to be my fabulous neighbors)? Max, Zohar and Micah all came over for a pre-TransMarch brunch and I was excited to cook Sweet Potato Pancakes for them- a recipe I had tried a few weeks earlier and couldn’t stop thinking about. Seriously, these pancakes are EPIC. I’m a little sad that Micah didn’t even try the pancakes, but I suppose I’ll forgive him since he’s only 5 months old and can’t eat solid food yet.

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